Thursday, April 21, 2011

4/20 images 2011 A day in the life...


The awakening...  Muse's t-shirt set out for today as well as my normal  black jean thing.   I fell back asleep after this image was taken.  LOL.  Caught another two hours of sleep!

Peeking out the front door to see what the weather  and getting ready to play the "where the hell  did the  morning paper land" game.  It is an adventure every morning to find the paper.

At the shop now. This is the view from the back door.

Did the normal "pre opening" stuff... now getting ready for some admin work.  My "to do"  file folder has enough stuff in it to keep me busy!

This is the boiler in the dark creepy basement of the shop.  This contraption scares the shit out of me when it heats up.  It make a hell of a noise.

Cases.... yea... we got cases!

This is my "Neil Young Kit"  When our tech guy is off,   I do string changes and  minor  acoustic guitar set up.   I was  just starting to replace strings on a customers guitar.

There was a track meet happening across the street at Cleveland Heights High School.

Sitting down talking to a friend and telling him why I was taking pictures of our counter.

Getting in time to go home mode....  doing the green thing with  the cardboard we trash.

Packing up the car and getting ready to go home...

One last stop in the lav before hitting the road and closing the shop.  A nice day.